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bonar mark III



Today's strict regulatory environment coupled with increasing budgetary restraints led Bonar to develop a truly reliable cost efficient intermediate bulk container. The Mark III series overcomes the limitations of other polyethylene IBC's.

  • Lightweight container is virtually maintenance free so you'll never be faced with expensive refurbishing associated with steel framed units
  • One-piece base constructed of compounded blended linear polyethylene that eliminates the sagging and deterioration associated with other IBC's
  • Base completely protects the valve and sump area with a slide gate access door and provides protection for other areas that are vulnerable to fork-lift damage
  • Four-way fork-lift and pallet jack access • Tapered bottom design and patented full discharge system with a durable ball valve attached to a molded spout provides complete drainage of contents
  • Optional dip tube assembly allows for discharge without a bottom valve
  • Bottle available with either a standard 6" or 12" cap allowing for ease of cleaning
  • Bottle manufactured from food grade polyethylene with FDA approval
  • Stackable with out DW line of IBC's or competitive IBC's
  • Ribbed construction minimizes bulging
  • Both 6" and 12" top openings UN approved


Part# Gallons Length Width Height Tare Weight
MKIII-250 250 45” 48” 52.5” 297 lbs.
MKIII-275 275 45” 48” 55” 317 lbs.
MKIII-330 330 45” 48” 62” 340 lbs.




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