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Seamless polyethylene construction for durable, chemical resistant containment for 55 gallon drums. Deep Basins provide continuous spill control while moving drums from one area to another.


The one and two drum units have molded in forklift openings. The four drum unit fits on a standard pallet. An optional dolly available for the one and two drum units for easy mobility. All models have an optional cover to reduce splashing and prevent contamination.

One Drum Basin (BM-1-B) and One Drum Dolly (BM-1-D) shown. Two Drum Basin (BM-2-B) and Two Drum Dolly (BM-2-D) shown. Four Drum Basin (BM-4-B) shown


Part # Description Dimensions Weight
BM-1-B One Drum Basin

29” OD x 26” H

20 lbs.
BM-2-B Two Drum Basin 31 ½” W x 58” L x 22½” H 48 lbs.
BM-4-B Four Drum Basin 49” W x 49” L x 17½” H 50 lbs.
BM-1-C One Drum Cover 33” OD x 16” H 12 lbs.
BM-2-C Two Drum Cover 32½” W x 59” L x 20” H 27 lbs.
BM-4-C Four Drum Cover 52” W x 52” L x 21” H 42 lbs.
BM-1-D One Drum Dolly 30” OD x 6½” H 15 lbs.
BM-2-D Two Drum Dolly 25” W x 52” L x 6½” H 36 lbs.


The one and two drum dollies are great for moving overpacks as well.



95 gal. Overpack shown with the one drum dolly. . Two Drum Dolly (BM-2-D)


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