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Eliminates the need for expensive specialty racks and stands to store your drums horizontally. Now with the Drum Chock you can store your drums on standard pallet racks or on wooden pallets. The chock eliminates rolling while drum are stored on their side. Models available to tilt drums forward for more drainage from standard spigots. Front stops on tilted models to eliminate slide off. Molded from recycled polyethylene.


Mini Chock (Minimum order of one box of four) Shelf Drum Chock (Minimum order of one box of two)
Inclined Shelf Drum Chock Inclined Shelf Drum Chock with Fork Openings


Part # Weight Width Depth Height Load Capacity
DRCH-1 1½ lbs.


6” 2” 550 lbs.
DRCH-2 5 lbs. 15” 29½” 2” 550 lbs.
DRCH-3 9 lbs. 15” 36” 4” 550 lbs.
DRCH-4 12 lbs. 18” 36” 5½” 550 lbs.



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