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Hoover APR



Hoover combines the most economical poly manufacturing process to construct the APR, an all poly reusable intermediate bulk container (IBC). The APR is assembled of a roto-molded LDPE bottle secured to a PE pallet. The durable design promotes a longer life, low maintenance costs and corrosion resistance, while storing liquids up to 1.9 specific gravity. Larger curved corners allow easy cleaning and maximum stacking performance. Multiple valve options provide flexibility for most food and chemical commercial applications. The base dimensions are the international standard for shipment worldwide.The Ultratainer brings together the superior structural integrity of a cylindrical tank with the easy-to-handle benefits of a square shape. Ultratainer is well suited for handling heavy materials up to 1.9 specific gravity (15 lb./gal.)

APR Features:
  • Feature (a): Unique top design. Benefit: Allows stacked APRs and other Hoover IBCs to be interconnected,
  • Feature (b): 2" raised boss. Benefit: Accessories can be mounted. Tapping is optional.
  • Feature (c): Heavy-duty 7" fill cap standard with two 2" bung plugs, and 2 lanyard anchors. Benefit: Permits easy handling for filling & dispensing. Tamper evident.
  • Feature (d): Roto-molded polyethylene bottle with large radius corners. Benefit: Corrosion and stress-crack resistant. Easy to clean.
  • Feature (e): Large recessed placard areas on all four sides. Benefit: Extra protection for decals.
  • Feature (f): Embossed black UN markings certifies UN31H2 design. Benefit: Meets UN requirements for PG II and 1.9 specific gravity.
  • Feature (g): Injection-molded polyethylene pallet. International footprint. Enclosed fork pockets on all four sides. Benefit: Durable, rackable, sturdy. Worldwide standard. Extra safety value when fork lifting.
  • Feature (h): Quick connect valve attachment design, 2" ball valve with quick disconnect and dust cap. Benefit: Permits easy cleaning and replacement.
  • Feature (i): Embossed gallon and liter markings. Benefit: Easy gauging of product level and long-term legibility.



Part# Gallons Length Width Height Tare Weight
275 40” 48” 53” 242 lbs.
APR-330 330 40” 48” 60” 262 lbs.




Hoover APR
Hoover APR
Hoover APR
Hoover APR

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