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Environmentally safe, rugged polyethylene steps excellent for reaching those items just out of reach or for getting to the top of IBC’s and tote tanks.


  • Two, three, and four step models have rear opening to access storage compartments
  • Four step model comes standard with handrails and casters
  • Two and three step models can come with optional handrails and spring-loaded casters
  • All models have rubber feet and non-skid tape surfaces
  • Heavy duty, 500 lbs capacity, hand holes for lifting and lightweight


Available in yellow, grey and granite




Part # Length Width Height Weight
ST-1 18” 12” 12” 10 lbs.
ST-2 22” 21" 20” 22 lbs.
ST-3 32” 22" 30” 33 lbs.
ST-4 45” 25" 69.5” 53 lbs.






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