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Custom IBC packaging is our specialty as well as in plant installations. We offer CFR investigation with regard to product compatibility as well as product compliance issues. We liquidate excessive IBC inventories for those units that have exceeded their usefulness or maybe you just don't have room for. We interface between both the supplier and the end user to locate a home for merchandise that potentially has arrived on site in error, or potentially has value outside the standard circle of influence. IBC cleaning, testing, and re-certification is provided at our Charlotte facility. With complete CFR documentation provided. We also maintain an extensive inventory of replacement bottles, cages and valves. Take a minute and review the CFR requirements.


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CFR49_180_352 Requirements for retest & inspection of IBCs


CFR49_178_813 Leakproofness tests







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Texaco Jumbo Bin
Texaco Jumbo Drum Texaco Jumbo Drum


Due to hazards of certain regulated materials, it is Dale Chesser, LLC’s. strict policy that no IBC’s entering our facility will be recertified without first being thoroughly cleaned inside and out. Each IBC will be inspected once entering our facility and an assessment will be made of each to determine what parts and labor issues will be needed. This process is used for production scheduling and parts determination. This documentation will be made available to a customer should it be requested.

Dale Chesser, LLC’s. recertification process begins with a complete cleaning of the inside and outside of the IBC. All exterior labels are removed as part of the cleaning process. This cleaning process consists of any or all of the following: cold water, hot water, steam, and chemical cleaning agents. The valve and lid are removed prior to cleaning and are cleaned separately by hand and/or machinery. If the valve and lid are serviceable after the cleaning process, the valve and lid will then be replaced. The IBC is again inspected and completely dried of all condensation. The IBC is then tested in accordance with CFR 49 Section 180.352 – Requirements for retest and inspection of IBC’s. Word for word documentation on CFR 49 Section 180-352 is available upon request.


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