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For septic systems replacement and new home construction, polyethylene septic tanks are designed for both durability and quick, easy installation. Any septic tank can be transported to the job in a pickup truck and carried by two men. Contractors can pick up tank, pipe and fittings in one trip and install the tank on their schedule because there's no waiting for the tank to be delivered. That means service for the homeowner who needs it "today". Because our polyethylene septic tanks are rotationally molded as a one piece unit, they are seamless and watertight with no joints or seams to leak. In addition, because polyethylene is unaffected by soil chemicals and the chemicals and gas present in sewage, a Dale Chesser, LLC. septic tank will not rust or corrode and requires no protection as other tanks do. All our septic tanks come standard with self-locking manhole covers, sanitary tees, neoprene pipe gaskets (to assure watertight connections at the inlet and outlet) and detailed installation procedures. Manhole extensions and risers are available as options to bring the tank access to grade. Our polyethylene septic tanks are available in a full range of sizes and styles in order to meet specific requirements and state or local requirements. The 1000 gallon tank is available in compartmentalized versions or in a low profile design.

Part# Gallons Length Width Height Height
to Inlet
to Outlet
300 - 54" 51" 44" 42"
T6061 500 101" 51" 42" 36" 33"
T6062 750 100" 52" 58" 51" 48"
(2 man)
1000 102" 60" 58" 51" 48"
T6065 1250 112" 56" 68" 62" 56"

Our below-ground cisterns feature the same rugged, ribbed design found in our septic tanks. Cisterns are ideal for instances when drinking water must be hauled in, or when a well just doesn't meet consumption needs. Bulkhead fittings are available in a full range of sizes to help adapt the cistern to suit specific needs or applications

Part# Gallons Length Width Height Manhole
T6070 300 sphere - 54" 51" 20"
T6071 500 101" 51" 42" 20"
T6072 1000 102" 60" 58" 20"
T6073 1250 112" 56" 68" 20"
T6075 1500 143" 55" 66" 20"



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