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The Tuff Tank is a very durable IBC that was manufactured with reuse as the main design goal. If there ever was an IBC that was the standard of the industry, this would be the container. One look at the Tuff Tank and you will quickly realize why they call it the TUFF TANK.


Heavy Duty Bottle


  • 1/4” thick bottle
  • DOT and UN approved.
  • LLD Polyethylene
  • Large radius corners for strength as well as easy cleaning
  • Translucent for constant level indication
  • Structural design of the top surface for greater rigidity
  • UN Markings stamped on the top of the bottle
  • Top opening with a 7” screw cap with a EPDM gasket and a 2” threaded bung with EPDM gasket


Valve Assembly


  • 4-bolt standard (1-1/2” port), 2” Banjo Polypropylene ball valve with Teflon seats, Viton O-ring, male cam-lock, and cam-lock dust cap



Heavy-Duty Metal Cage


  • Manufactured with 1/8” sheet steel side wall protection which gives better forklift puncture resistance and affords greater labeling space.
  • The bottom is manufactured from 1/8” solid steel that has ample weep holes
  • 1/4” double-reinforced 2” x 2” wire mesh with double strands every 6 to 8 inches across the horizontal plane
  • Restraining hold-down bars across the top for rigidity
  • Chemical resistant paint
  • Solid steel “crows feet” at bottom of tank designed for easy stacking with Tuff Tanks, Poly 2’s and Poly 3’s as well as itself




  • Labeled UN 31 HA1.
  • Four-way fork truck entry
  • Stackable 3-high
  • Interstacks with many major brand IBC’s with a 40” x 48” footprint
  • Easy transfer system


Available in new and reconditioned units.



Part# Gallons Length Width Height Tare Weight
TT2-220 220 40” 48” 49” 442 lbs.
TT2-275 275 40” 48” 57” 503 lbs.
TT2-330 330 40” 48” 65” 565 lbs.



Is acquiring spare parts in a timely manner a major problem? We have a full line of replacement bottles and pillows (pads) for most major manufactures, as well as a full line of replacement valves, fittings, relief devices and fill caps. Now you can replace old, weak, brittle, worn-out bottles that no longer make the grade as UN approved containers, or maybe missing valves or broken caps.



‡Due to the industries strong familiarity with the Tuff Tank (TT) name, Dale Chesser, LLC. has grouped the Tuff Tank II (TT2) and the Poly 3 in the same category. The Tuff Tank II name is owned by Hoover Material Handling Group and the Poly 3 name is owned by Dale Chesser, LLC.





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